What is AIQOO?

Is it a marketplace, a CRM, or a revenue optimization platform? How does AIQOO work, and what features you can find here

AIQOO is a powerful marketplace platform for contractors and home service professionals. It connects you directly to marketing experts and lead-generating sellers so you could smartly pick & choose your next job opportunity by yourself, overpassing the well-known lead aggregators.


How does it work?

With AIQOO, you will be able to find contact information of homeowners who expressed their interest in getting an estimate – a Lead.

Leads are posted to the marketplace by sellers on-demand. You can always view the lead’s general details and the price requested by the seller, to enhance your ability to make a purchase decision.


Additionally, AIQOO provides you with a Price Recommendation, to make sure you never pay more than you need to 😲 See our price recommendation guide.


You can start using AIQOO for free, no commitment is required 🥳


Just sign up, create your workspace and start exploring our services.


You can watch the following video to understand how AIQOO works:


What can I do with AIQOO?

  • Explore new lead sellers: Search, filter and engage with new lead sources easily. The best thing is that AIQOO always provides you with a price recommendation to empower your decision making.

  • Automate your lead purchasing process: If you already know what you are looking for, you can set up a campaign so leads that fit your preferences will be delivered to you automatically. See our lead campaign guide.

  • Manage your lead communications: Use our CRM tools to manage all lead communication in one place. AIQOO provides valuable insights based on your sales achievements and optimizes leads’ pricing to maximize your ROI.

  • Get insights about your business: Track the performance of your lead sources and that of your sales team to get the complete picture of your business and unlock new ways to optimize your conversions.

  • Compare your performance to that of your local competition: Get an overview of your local competitor landscape so you could always understand your weaknesses and strengths.

How much does it cost?

All features available on the AIQOO Marketplace for free 😇


When it comes to leads, prices vary across different services, locations, and lead generation channels. See how does a lead price been determined here.


Is that all?

No. We are about to launch our new features to help your business maximize conversion rates and grow exponentially. All features included in the free-to-use platform.


Among our new features:

  • Financing Marketplace: Search and pick the best financing solution for your business (line of credit) or for your prospects (personal loan) out of our several lenders and loan providers.

  • Community Network: Create and share content to offer and develop new collaboration opportunities with other pros and service providers that could take your business.

  • Project Management Platform: Manage your entire construction projects on one app to complete the optimization of your business across all departments.


Still haven’t registered to AIQOO? Start now for free!