What is the refund policy

Situations that are eligible for credit

AIQOO’s sellers generate leads through marketing campaigns to match the exact demand set by our customers, according to specific quality guidelines we provide them with. We offer our Service Pros a fair and simple lead credit process, to ensure they pay for qualified leads only. A refund request is eligible for credit for one of the following reasons:

  • No contact information

    If no proper communication method with the Lead contact is provided, for example: Lead contact’s phone number is disconnected, or the phone number is for the wrong person.

  • Duplicated leads

    If you get duplicate leads (exactly the same request) from AIQOO in a 30-day time frame.

  • Lead was mis-categorized

    If the lead is for a service type that you don’t have listed when setting up the campaign.

  • Lead came from outside your service area

    If the lead came from a zip code that your campaign locations don’t cover.

  • Lead contact did not submit a service request

    If the Lead contact denies making any request for getting a project estimate.

  • Lead is stale

    If you connect with the Lead contact, and they say they submitted the lead weeks prior to it being posted on AIQOO. In this case, the issue will be investigated and if proven correctly a credit will be made.

  • Lead contact cannot authorize the work

    If you connect with the Lead contact, but they can't authorize the project.

How the Refund Process Works?

Sending a Refund Request

Requests for leads received in a certain month can be sent up to the 4th day of the subsequent month.

In order to submit the request, follow the following instructions:

1. Go to the "Lead List" tab in your account, and select the lead for which a refund request should be made.

2. Change the lead status to "Request Refund."


3. Select the reason for which the lead is eligible for a refund and provide a comprehensive explanation of the case.

⚠️ The more details you provide, the better chance that the lead sellers will approve the request.

Refund Request Investigation Process

After receiving your refund request, our team prepares a case to be presented to the lead seller. AIQOO then negotiates with the lead source the request on your behalf in order to maximize the chance for it to be approved.

The investigation process can take up to 7 business days. In rare cases, when details regarding the requests are missing or when we believe we should re-appeal, it can take more time to obtain a decision.