How to optimize my workspace?

Achieve optimization of your workspace to unlock the full power of your AIQOO account

An optimized workspace ensures you enjoy a coherent workflow of your sales pipeline, from smart lead acquisition, through managing communications with contacts to getting insight reports on the performance of each person on your sales team and comparisons to your local competitors.


To optimize your workspace, follow this guide as it makes it a breeze to orchestrate even the largest and most dynamic sales teams:

  1. Augment your service category list 🔨

    Once created, the first step on your checklist should be pinpointing all of the services your business provides. It is essential to stretch your category selection according to the broadest segmentation you can. It is preferred to select a service you provide periodically than not to choose it at all.


    Follow our service category selection best practices to get the best value for your business.


  2. Accurate your locations list 🗺️

    When creating a new location record you want to be as rigorous as you can on zip code selection. Start your coverage selection from scratch by selecting a County or a City and continue by adding relevant zip codes to or eliminating irrelevant ones from your list. Achieve an enhanced experience for your sales team by hitting the nail on the head once. It’s worth it.


    Follow our location selection best practices to ensure you never waste your marketing budget.


  3. Automate your lead purchasing process 🦾

    The manual lead buying process is the best way to explore new opportunities while keeping moderate on your marketing budget. Notwithstanding, it isn’t ideal for a business that already knows what it is looking for since when it comes to quality leads the early bird gets the worm.


    Campaign automation helps you to be on the ball at all times while utilizing your time for other important tasks. You can run multiple campaigns at once and activate/deactivate them with a single click.


    Follow our campaign automation best practices to unlock the full power of AIQOO.


  4. Invite your team members 🧑‍🤝‍🧑👫

    Adding your teammates to your company’s workspace is the key to orchestrating your business activities, primarily those related to your marketing and sales efforts. It is suggested to invite all team members so it’ll be possible for you to synchronize tasks flow and control the performance of each team member. Have your teammates start with creating their profiles and move on to assign them to the relevant tasks they should handle.


    See how to invite your team members to your workspace.


  5. Manage your leads and communications on AIQOO 📖

    If you wish to get tailored recommendations regarding lead prices, task assignments, and new opportunities available for your business, it is imperative that you’ll manage your leads on AIQOO’s CRM platform. The CRM is specifically made for home services professionals so it fits your business needs and is extremely intuitive for all users. Most importantly, it is already in sync with your lead campaigns so you don’t have to worry about integrations.

  6. Track your performance on a weekly basis ⏲️

Use AIQOO’s reports feature to extract valuable insights about your business performance. It allows you to track the performance of each of your teammates (available for admins only), to get a comparative analysis of direct competitors operating in your landscape and produce personalized recommendations to enhance your team’s work. For easy tracking of your achievements, you should also follow your weekly report, sent straight to your email address.


Have a question? Don’t miss an opportunity to ask us, it could be the key for achieving an optimized profile!