How to manage my payment methods - Best practices

Follow the best practices for wise management of your payment methods

Ensure your account balance is funded properly

Promising a steady flow of leads to your sales team is one of the major challenges hampering your business growth. We solve this problem by changing the entire fundamentals of how you purchase your leads, although this process alone is not enough.


That is why we developed our guidelines and best practices for workspace management. As we explain in our guides, it is best to automate your leads' purchasing process to obtain maximum control of your performance. Nevertheless, if your account balance is missing funds, this all process could go on a wild goose chase.


These are the best ways to make sure your account balance has sufficient funds:

  1. Track your account balance on a weekly basis.

    You can follow your account balance, payment history & last transactions easily from the Billing Overview feature. You can get there by hovering your avatar on the right side of your screen and pressing on "Billing Overview".



    As well, it is highly recommended to follow AIQOO's weekly report, sent to you by email to get a better understanding of the value created by your marketing efforts.


  2. Insert another payment method into your account as a backup

    Adding a secondary payment method to your account is easy and could turn out to be life-saving, especially if you decided to automate your lead purchasing process. Once activated, the lead campaign purchases available and relevant leads on your behalf. Although, automation is only possible when your balance is properly funded. To make sure you don't lose any relevant leads it is highly recommended to secure the funding of your account balance by adding a secondary payment method as a backup. See how to add a payment method.


    Note: After adding a new payment method as a backup you need to make sure it is activated by pressing the "Activate" button. This is what it looks like:



Note: You can choose your primary payment method. All other verified payment methods will only serve as a backup if needed.


So, you see why is it worth following the best practices for workspace optimization. Don't do it at the drop of a hat, optimize your workspace and take your business to new heights.


If you have any questions about your payment methods we are here to provide answers 😃