How to manage locations - Best practices

Follow the best practices for locations and coverage management

Indicate the locations your business cover

Once you have created a workspace, you must add to your locations list all of the areas in which your business operates. See how to add a new location record.


What are the best practices for locations?

  1. Accurate your location selection by meticulously picking relevant zip codes

    When setting up your coverage list, you can pick specific zip codes to add to your location record. It is important to select only the zip codes you cover so you won’t be seeing leads that don’t match your priorities.


    Note: If you wish to set up a lead campaign your location list must be as accurate as possible so you won’t get leads in the location where your business doesn’t operate.


  2. Select all of the locations within your business operates:

    Indicate your entire location's coverage and make sure you don’t skip on any zip code.


    Why is it so important?

    • Never miss an opportunity 💸

      Leads presented in the marketplace are filtered to match your preferences as a default. So, if you forgot to select a certain location, you won’t be able to view the relevant available leads, unless you manually change the filter priorities.


    • Automate your leads' purchasing 🤖

      If you wish to set up a campaign to automate your lead flow in a certain location, you need to make sure it is already selected for your company workspace.


      No worries, adding a location record to your list doesn’t mean you are automatically going to receive leads in this location. Lead purchasing automation is possible only after activating a campaign in a certain location.


    • Get insights into your competitors’ performance 🥠

      AIQOO provides you with a landscape comparison, so you could always compare your achievements to your local competitors. Optimize your coverage so your analysis will only include your direct, local competitors.


    • Make sure your business profile is updated 👷

      Your business profile is visible to both homeowners and service providers, including sub-contractors, financing providers, suppliers, and many more. If you want to unlock the full power of AIQOO’s community network and enjoy new collaboration opportunities with the industry’s leading players, make sure you provide an accurate description of your business.


    💡 Pro Tip: You could never know when an amazing opportunity pops out. Refine your categories and locations to make sure you optimize your leads' matching preferences.


  3. Manage your locations in different lists

    You can select an unlimited number of locations for your company's workspace. It is best to break down your coverage into different location lists so you could get better insights & comparisons on your lead’s performance, campaigns, and collaboration.


    🏁 Starter Tip: Differentiate your location records easily by choosing a name that best reflects the area coverage.


  4. Never edit your location records, just create another one

    You can edit your locations at any time. Although, it is never suggested to edit an existing record since it could manipulate statistics of your historic performance and thereby limit your comparison reports.

    Instead, you can always disable a certain location from your list by inactivating it. After disabling a location record, just add a new one containing your desired coverage.