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How to add a new location to my list?

Add location coverage where your business operates to your workspace

Once you have created a workspace, it is important that you add to your locations list all of the areas in which your business operates.


Remember, when you created your company workspace, you were asked to select the main location your business cover. It is highly suggested to optimize the list to match your exact coverage.


How to create a new location coverage to your list

Account settings > Location > Add new location > Select coverage area > Indicate your coverage by miles > Eliminate unnecessary zip codes > Done!


Step 1: Go to your account settings

Step 2: Click on “Location

Step 3:
Press the “Add new location” button

Step 4:
Select the main coverage area


💡 Pro Tip: When selecting a new location, it is best to primarily select the relevant County or City and filter your zip code list accordingly.


Step 5: Expand your coverage record by miles


Step 6: Accurate your list to specific zip codes, by eliminating unwanted zips from your coverage


💡 Pro Tip: You could never know when an amazing opportunity pops out. Refine your locations and categories to make sure you optimize your leads' matching preferences.