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How much does a lead cost?

Learn what are the average lead prices and how they are been determined

What is the average price for leads sold at the marketplace?

There is no fixed price list for leads sold at the marketplace.

In general, lead prices are named by sellers exclusively. You can get a visibility of lead prices before making a purchase decision and to use AIQOO's "Personalized Lead Price" mechanism relying on a smart price recommendation engine. See how it works.


Lead prices are dynamic and can range from several dozens of dollars to several hundreds of dollars. Lead prices differ according to the lead generation channel, the requested service, and the number of contractors claiming it. The main factor affecting a lead price would be the feedback collected from contractors regarding the overall quality of the seller.


🏁 Starter Tip: When you purchase leads from the Leads-on-Demand screen, follow the recommendation bar to make sure you are not overpaying.


Once activating a lead campaign, you will be able to select which sellers you would like to get leads from. Next to the name of each seller you could find the estimated price range for leads of that source. The price range changes dynamically depending on the leads quality and their suitability to your needs.


💡 Pro Tip: Follow the changes in lead prices and volumes of different sellers through your campaign's settings to make sure you are getting the most of your budget and discover the best opportunities.