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How do lead prices been determined?

How do sellers decide what is the price per lead? Does AIQOO regulate lead prices?

Leads sold at AIQOO's marketplace are offered at a price determined by the Seller.

There is no base price for leads, although AIQOO standardizes lead prices to ensure transparency of transactions.


Lead prices are dynamic and can range across different services, locations, and sellers. As well, lead prices differ according to the lead generation channel. For example, sellers who generate Google Search leads (PPC/SEO) tend to ask higher prices than sellers that generate leads using Facebook Ads, since the first reflect higher level of intent by the homeowner.


When setting up a lead campaign, you will be able to select which sellers you would like to get leads from, based on the expected lead volume they can produce and the estimated price range they shall request for the leads.

As well, the price range changes dynamically depending the leads quality and their suitability to your needs, ensuring you will be matched with those leads that perform best for you.


💡 Pro Tip: Follow the changes in lead prices and volumes of different sellers through your campaign's settings to make sure you are getting the most of your budget and discover the best opportunities.


On top of the above there is AIQOO’s smart recommendation algorithms. The smart engine constantly performs a data-backed analysis of the performance and results of leads previously sold by each seller. Based on the performance analysis, AIQOO reflects to you the recommended price you should pay for each lead, in order to ensure you maximize your ROI.


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