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How do I sign up for AIQOO?

The registration process is quick, simple, and free. See how to sign up to AIQOO and establish your workspace.

Creating an account on AIQOO is free of charge.

It requires just a few simple steps:

  1. On our website, look for the “Get started” button.


    AIQOO's header. look for it :)


  2. Insert your details:

    • Full Name

    • Email address

    • Mobile number


  3. Read & agree to our terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

  4. Press the “Create an account” button.


    Enter your details to create a new account


  5. You will now get a verification code via SMS containing an OTP (one-time-password) access code, type it into the boxes.


The final step to complete your registration is to associate your user profile to a company workspace. Do it easily by creating a new workspace or joining an existing one.


Associate your user account to a company workspace

How to create a new workspace

  1. In case you are creating a new workspace, you should start by entering your company details:

    • Company name

    • Main service provided by the business

    • The main location of operation. You can choose a specific location and expand the outreach by selecting a wider mile coverage


  2. Press the “Create Workspace” button.


  3. Augment your service category list, by choosing additional services your business provides. Then press the “Go to my workspace” button.

    If your business doesn’t offer additional services just press “Skip”.


    Home improvement categories
  4. Create a new campaign that matches your preferences, to ensure you get the leads that you need for your business. See how to easily set up a customized campaign here.


That’s it, your workspace is all set ✌🏼

Now you can officially start using AIQOO 👏🏻

Take our onboarding guide tour, explore our features and start a campaign to unlock the full power of AIQOO. If you have questions you can always chat with us or book a demo call for easy setup.