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Creating a Targeted Lead Campaign

Use AIQOO campaigns to get real-time home improvement leads from various lead sources while controlling your targeting and daily caps.

1. Navigate to the campaigns

In the main menu navigate to "Leads" --> "Campaigns" and Click "Add New Campaign"

2. Select a Category 

For each campaign, you can choose one category and several services which will be prompted after selecting the desired category.

3. Select Targeted Location

Pick the locations you want to target using the locations you created in your workspace.

Before creating a campaign, add the locations your workspace is targeting.
📌 See how to add locations

4. Select the Campaign Optimization Type

For each campaign, you can select how you want to optimize it along the way.

Optimize+ (Recommended)
AIQOO’s delivery system manages your lead flow across multiple sources based on which are likely to perform best.


Manual selection
Select, manage and optimize your sources manually. The more sources you select, the more opportunities you'll have to reach your business goals.



 5. Set the Lead Delivery Settings


Daily Cap

Choose how many leads you want to receive each day.




Choose how many leads you want to receive each day.



New Lead Notifications

You can choose to be notified about new leads received by:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Both



5. Go Live

Now that you have all of your targeting and delivery settings set all that is left is to name your campaign and click "Create Campaign"  to set your campaign live.